Financial Planning Gold Coast

  • Build wealth
  • Enjoy life
  • Achieve financial security

We deliver services beyond investment planning. We look at all aspects of your lifestyle, goals and requirements to develop the most suitable plan for you. Our services include:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Business Structure Advice
  • Financial Reporting
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Advice on Selling or Buying a Business
  • Management of Superannuation Funds

Strategic Business Planning

Our team of financial experts assist you in:

  • Specifying and defining your organisation’s mission, vision, objectives and goals
  • Developing policies in line with your objectives
  • Designing project terms and programs in line with your business/personal objectives
  • Allocating your resources to effectively implement your policies, plans, projects and programs
  • Raising your desired capital to purchase new building and other assets


Business Structure Advice

Our team is keen in developing structural recommendations that minimises risks associated with your commercial ventures. We provide insights on how you can improve your tax position and beneficial advice concerning:

  • Structuring and Asset Protection
  • Structure advice (Trust, Company, Partnership, Sole Trader)
  • Registrations for TFN, ABN, GST, PAYG

Speak to us at 1300 663 004 for a no cost and obligation free assessment of your financial needs.


Financial Reporting

Our team has long years of experience in providing reliable financial reporting to various industries which includes:

  • Business comparison across industry and sectors
  • Budget comparison reports
  • Target budget reports

Talk to us if you need accurate forecast reports such as:

  • Cash flow forecast (monthly, quarterly, bi annual, annual and up to 5 years)
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Sales forecast
  • Cost of goods sold forecast
  • Expense forecast



Debt Restructuring

Everyone experiences financial problems at some time. That is why we are here to help and give you a fresh start. Our team of experts are happy to give you basic budgeting advice to complex debt restructuring solutions such as:

We understand what you are going through. Talk to us if you need assistance with:


  • Loan consolidations
  • Credit or summons negotiations
  • Debt management
  • Debt agreements in relation to Part IX under the Bankruptcy Act 1966
  • Personal insolvency agreements
  • Corporate insolvency management as stated under the Corporations Act 2001

We honor strict confidentiality of your situation. Call us for a obligation free initial consultation, today.

Advice on Selling or Buying a Business

We help you make the right decision in selling or buying a business.We have significant experience in:

  • Performing business valuation and succession and leadership transition planning
  • Preparing due diligence report on purchase of existing business
  • Working with brokers to establish desired target market
  • Developing exit strategies and alternatives


Self Management of Superannuation Funds

Superannuation invariably forms a part of anyone’s long term planning, but is so often misunderstood. Our team have the skills and resources to handle the needs of your superannuation fund. We assist in:

  • Managing your super funds by applying government incentives when eligible
  • Consolidating your super funds to reduce fees and charges
  • Implementing an effective contribution strategy through salary sacrifice to boost your superannuation funds without paying additional taxes
  • Locating and getting lost super accounts
  • Transferring commercial property into SMSF
  • Planning SMSF estate
  • Reviewing pension allocation and compliance
  • Preparing SMSF investment strategy
  • Changing of trustee

Frequently Asked Questions

Cashflow is the oxygen of your business.

We will work with you and your business and understand what your financial goals are and chart a course with you that will deliver your cashflow requirements as quickly as possible.

There are many ways of increasing your business’ profitability. We do this by reducing your costs, improving your turnover, enhancing your marketing strategy.

Sales can be increased in many ways. We understand that you will already know how to increase sales in your industry using traditional methods. In addition to this we can bring to the table proven strategies that will increase your success rates.

Do you know how to determine your optimal product mix?

We often find that our clients have a really good feeling for what sells well in their business – where they typically fall short is in developing an understanding of which products are optimally suited to sell in their business.

Ever wondered how well you are performing in your business? We are really concerned with how well we perform against our competitors, if we do not perform as well or preferably better then we are losing market share. By simply comparing performance ratios for your industry we can provide a report of how well you are performing against other business in your industry.

Your business performance is compared with your own personal goals for the performance of that business – if the business is not operating in respect of the criteria that you have set – then simply it is failing. We will help you out these goals so that you have a clear view of where and how your business is performing and most importantly in a better knowledge of how to make your business perform more efficiently.

Business plans are crucial to the success of your business. When you plan a trip one of the most important tools that you find or search is a plan. We take all the variable that relate to your business and convert them into a workable business plan that you can then practically use to chart your success. In addition this business plan will put you miles in front when talking and negotiating with other businesses, banks, creditors and suppliers.

So you have a loss on your profit and loss statement – don’t despair – we can work with you to turn this around. First we will help you understand why and what that loss means and then we will show you how to turn that around, or sometimes we will help you make that call and decide that it is no longer worth your while to work for no returns.

Call us immediately. We have practical experience that can help you move from this pressure cooker of despair into an area where you can start to grow and flourish. This does not signal the end it is an indicator you need help. We can do this for you.

Audits can be confronting and many of our clients do become worried and scared of what it means for their business. We deal with audit notices quite regularly and have an understanding of the requirements of the ATO. It is important to call us early when you receive a notice so that we can help from the outset as often the strategy at the start and the planning associated with that alleviates the buildup of dealing with the ATO

We will help you implement strategies in respect of – cash handling, appropriate documentation, referencing procedures, determination of credit limits, policies regarding customer payments, investigate signs of financial difficulties, directors guarantees and their usefulness, property charging clauses within documentation, credit limit determination, credit extensions, clear payment conditions, send out invoices and statements on time, clear records of what is owed and reports on customers that are approaching credit limits, credit insurance, stop supply on customers outside of terms of trade, determine reasons, interest on overdue payments- terms of trade to reflect, develop terms of trade.

We have assisted in raising in excess of $ 1 billion dollars in funding over the past 15 years. We learned through years of trial and error the most effective ways to raise money for both the acquisition of a home or to refinance your business. We can even find lenders to help with simple things like a holiday or the registration of your motor vehicle.

We can review all of your financial obligations and work with you to determine strategy to reduce your interest bill in the most effective manner, both from a financial and taxation perspective.

Our clients often come to us with questions about whether it is more suitable for them to purchase new equipment for their business or for themselves personally should they pay cash and buy it outright or lease it. We can help determine the cost of capital in your business and use that to help you determine the optimal acquisition structure.

Financial ratios are snapshots of the performance of your business. They can help you determine if your business is healthy or if it needs to have some tweaks to help it perform better. As they are nonjudgmental and non-emotional we can use them to assist us in bringing you the financial result that you want from your business.

Break Even position is one of the most fundamental prices of information that you should be aware of in your business. If you do not know this you do not know in a daily business what it is you should do to keep your business profitable. It simply compares the costs of what you sell with your sales price on a unit basis, if you are losing on a per unit basis then you will definitely be losing over all. We can help you determine the most suitable analysis of this and give you the tools to monitor this on an ongoing basis

So employees are leaving for no apparent reason and leaving your business regularly? What’s the reason for this? We can help you understand what it is that motivates your employees to not only perform but to perform beyond their own expectations. We have a belief in our business that the people are the most important part of anything we do. We will help you find the most optimal way to relate to your employees and understand who and what they stand for and most importantly what will motivate them to succeed for themselves and in your business.

We help you answer the following questions and ensure you make the right decision of staying in/not in business.

  • Am I really ready to stay out of business, or do I just need a break?
  • Will my family and friends support my decision to stay in/not in business?
  • Will staying in/not in business benefit me financially?
  • Will I be restricted from trading in my profession once the business is sold?

Schedule an appointment with us and let our team analyse what is best for your business.

We provide assistance to those who wish to sell their business. However, we take time to sit with you and discuss the answers to these questions to ensure you are making the right decision of selling your business.

  • Why are you selling your business?
  • Is the timing right? Could the market and sale price be better if I waited?

NOTE: As a general rule, the best time to sell is when the business and your sales are peaking.

Get your questions answered within 24hrs!

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